AE Drums

Worlds First Dual Volume Acoustic Drum System (Unobtrusive & Loud). AE Drums is a single source percussion instrument system that offers both unobtrusive low-volume audio levels and full, all-out loud audio levels. AE Drums allows you to play just about any time, and anywhere. Freeing you from restraints.

It's Official!

We've finally recieved our U.S patent after years of research and development. U.S Patent: 10,235,978.


We are revolutionary product developers in the percussion field. One head provides performance-quality sound, while the other gives a reduced-sound practice pad with realistic drum aesthetic and feel.

Time Arbitrage

Drum sets have standard drum tension rods and the practice pads usually have common hardware. There are a few products that are in-between but they are practice devices that you can't play on professionally. You couldn't imagine using a practice device for a live performance, until now.

Drum Key

We have a unique way of tensioning the drum head. Compatibility availabile with industry standard drum tuning key. Instead of spinning a bolt that can get warped, and when warped the object bends; we have a better approach. Think of lug nuts on a post, on a wheel of a car. We spin lug nuts on a post that allows the body the freedom to bend. We use threaded posts while the entire industry uses tensioning rods. We offer a drum key compatible lug nut.


Transporting drums usually involves an SUV or van, and takes up a bunch of space. An example is our 7 piece drum set. 5 toms, a bass and a snare drum. Our drums can be stacked and carried in a 18 x 18 x 20in box.

Our story

Michael Bean began playing drums at the young age of 7, finding himself restricted by the primary problem of percussionists: noise complaints. The drums were too noisy and taking up too much space. He knew the problem needed a solution. Which is why as a young adult Michael’s been brainstorming about a revolutionary product, which would bypass the problem of both noise and space. In 2009 he introduced this product idea to his daughter, Abigail Eileen, a bright middle school student. She was enthusiastic and supportive of the problem, and continues to inspire its development today. With her help, Micheal’s idea became a reality, called AE Drums in honor of Abigail Eileen. Since 2009 the primary product has been in development. It is a snare drum that can be used for both practice and performance.